Are Transfer Cases Attached to Transmissions?

Some lucky people get to drive vehicles that have both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive capabilities. These hybrid vehicles include special components known as transfer cases. These intricate pieces of automotive engineering are specials torque-converting transmissions that take rotary energy from the regular transmission and route this power to each wheel.

In order to do this job, transfer cases require direct connections to the regular transmissions that they get their power from. To accomplish this, some automakers place the transfer case and the regular transmission in the same casing. Other designers place their transfer cases in their own chambers and use reduction-gears to link them up with the regular transmission.

Each design has its own benefits, and each also requires regular attention from skilled transmission technicians. Here at our service center, the experienced team of transmission experts have spent large amounts of time servicing and optimizing transfer cases. To get the same treatment for your vehicle, stop by Lithia Nissan of Eugene today for a fast, no-obligation visit.

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