Causes of Brake Pedal Problems

When parts of our vehicle, such as brake pedals, break down or quit working, this seldom happens with no warning. Often, being aware of other problems can help you be on top of issues happening. This is especially true with brake pedal problems. Stop at Lithia Nissan of Eugene and talk with our technicians if you have any questions about brakes or anything automotive.

Here are some possible causes of brake pedal failure.

  • Air in the brake lines. Your brakes may need to be bled.
  • Brake lines are damaged. Lines may become corroded over time and collapse.
  • Disc brake calipers are bad. Calipers can become corroded and damaged and cause brake fluid to leak.
  • Wheel cylinders are bad. Interior part of the cylinder can rust out and allow brake fluid to escape.

We offer brake replacement and maintenance as well as many other automotive services and supplies. Call for an appointment or stop and visit our shop today.



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