Watching for Exhaust System Failure

Back in the day, a loud or leaky exhaust system meant a car that was loud and considered “cool” by teenagers. Today a leaky exhaust can mean harmful gases escaping into our vehicles and in the atmosphere. It can also mean citations from law enforcement. Stop at Lithia Nissan of Eugene if you think your exhaust may be starting to fail or may need replacement.

When your exhaust is starting to leak, you may not realize it right away because the harmful exhaust gases are odorless and colorless. However, they can still do you harm if they’re flowing through the interior of your car. If your car is vibrating, giving off popping sounds or you actually see a leak somewhere on the pipes, get it checked out ASAP.

Stop in at our Eugene, OR service center if you would like your exhaust system inspected or if you need any other services. We can meet all your automotive needs.

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