A Car Operates Inefficiently When a Fuel Pump Has a Problem

Most modern cars are designed with practical tools that can simplify the process of detecting typical fuel pump problems. For example, if you study the panel on your dashboard, you can easily pinpoint a minor fuel pump issue before an inefficient gasoline distribution problem impacts the engine. In many cases, you could also detect some fuel pump issues without relying on the gauges by increasing your awareness throughout traditional hauling routines.

The fuel pressure gauge can help you determine whether or not fuel is traveling to the engine. Since this task can be challenging, you should let someone else power the engine during the inspection process. As this individual speeds up the motor, carefully inspect the fuel pressure gauge. Then, check your car owner's manual and figure out the pressure requirements for the fuel pump. If the pressure stats aren't ideal, the fuel pump needs to be replaced.

If you boost your awareness while driving, you'll have no problems detecting fuel pump problems that cause engine power issues. Most fuel pump problems that reduce speed and torque occur when a car or truck climbs a hill. Whenever your engine slows down during this situation or throughout a hauling routine, the fuel pump isn't distributing gasoline effectively.

Lithia Nissan of Eugene proudly serves locals who need fuel pump maintenance or repair for a car or truck. If you need help resolving a minor or major pump problem, visit our facility in Eugene, OR.

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