Simple Nissan Kicks Accessories To Make Life Easier And Safer

As an all-new subcompact SUV, the Nissan Kicks entered the market with a lot to prove. Not surprisingly, this stylish vehicle more than delivered. With a sleek look, ample room for both cargo and passengers, and an exciting range of accessories, Eugene drivers can get excellent value from this automobile. At Lithia Nissan of Eugene, we believe that even some of the simplest accessories can make life both easier and safer.

Enjoy Long Rides In Your Nissan Kicks With The Family Travel Clean-Up Kit

Dealer-installed, the family travel clean-up kit contains everything that large groups need for keeping their Nissan Kicks tidy and fresh-smelling, even as they deal with minor injuries and illness. A durable, zippered, nylon bag holds plastic gloves, air deodorizer, fabric cleaning wipes, moist towelettes, a cleaning brush, a cold pack, and more. No matter what life throws your way while you're on the road, you're guaranteed to be prepared.

Troubleshoot Your Own Problems With An All-Inclusive Emergency Roadside Kit

From flat tires to dead batteries, drivers can encounter a considerable array of problems that leave them temporarily stranded. With the Nissan Kicks emergency roadside kit, however, you won't have to wait for third-party repair services to arrive. You'll have jumper cables on hand, a flashlight with batteries, a freestanding reflective triangle, and many other essentials for troubleshooting problems and keeping everyone safe and secure. No driver should be without one. To discover the Nissan Kicks' impressive range of standard features, and to check out some of the more high-end accessories that this increasingly popular vehicle can include, come to Lithia Nissan of Eugene for a test drive.


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