Enjoy Excellent Performance in the Nissan LEAF

If you're serious about performance, selecting the right electric vehicle is a must. We at Lithia Nissan of Eugene are pleased to suggest the Nissan LEAF. This popular EV is designed to perform, giving you all of the power you need for every drive.

When you step on the accelerator in the LEAF, you'll feel the difference immediately. The drive train unleashes its power right away, so you don't have to wait. That means that every drive feels smooth and easy, whether you're driving on the highway or leaving a parking lot.

To help you handle the power, the LEAF is designed with a low center of gravity. That's because the battery pack is mounted in the floor to provide a perfectly balanced result. On your end, that means effortless handling and a comfortable ride. Experience the fun of the LEAF by coming to see us in Eugene for a test drive.


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