The Nissan Sentra Has Some Incredible Performance Features

There are certain aspects of any vehicle that make it stand out from the pack. Some of the performance features exhibited by the Nissan Sentra are things that drivers have complimented time and time again.

The Nissan Sentra has cylinder bores that are spray coated in order to make them more capable of reducing heat and friction thus allowing the cylinders to last longer on the road.

A low-pressured cooled EGR keeps fuel efficiency at the maximum and helps to make the engine get more distance out of less fuel. You will appreciate this when gas prices start to climb higher as they inevitably do.

You get well over one-hundred horsepower with this vehicle. This allows you to travel around in your Nissan Sentra on the roads with the kind of power that you desire. You really don't have to sacrifice anything when you drive this one. Take it out for a spin and see for yourself.



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