The Nissan Kicks is a popular, stylish, and roomy crossover SUV. This vehicle offers drivers and passengers alike many features which make the Nissan brand famous. Among these features are powerful engines and sporty suspensions. That said, this vehicle also provides operators with the assurance of robust braking systems. These systems include such goodies as Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Brake Assist, and vented front disc brakes.

Large vehicles like the Nissan Kicks create significance amounts of heat when they slow down. The Nissan Kicks brake system deals with this situation effectively with its vented front disc brake system. These components include special slots that efficiently conduct heat away from the pads, thus increasing effectiveness and staving off brake failure.

Supporting this system is the Nissan Electronic Brake Force Distribution service. This system uses computerized algorithms to send the proper amount of force to each individual wheel. This technology can thus help to forestall dangerous skids, slides, and losses of traction.

Yet another valuable Nissan Kicks system is its Brake Assist service. This proprietary technology can add additional force to the brakes if drivers are unable to do so.



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