The Nissan Altima Sedan Offers Many Safety Promoting Accessories

The Nissan Altima is a popular and stylish midsize sedan. For many years, the Nissan Altima brand has been gracing drivers and passengers with many useful features that promote performance and luxury. That said, all new Nissan Altimas offer drivers access to Nissan Genuine accessories, many of which are made to promote and optimize occupant safety. Among this list of internal safety features are specialized auto dimming rearview mirrors, family cleanup kits, and even life-saving first aid materials.

Eye dazzle from overly powerful headlights coming from the front or rear of vehicles can have detrimental effects on driver vision. The Nissan Altima fights against this danger by offering drivers access to Prism auto dimming rearview mirrors. These Prism mirrors use special gels and microprocessors to recognize and dim high beams from other vehicles. This system thus protects driver vision and promotes greater safety.

Another popular Nissan Genuine accessory is the family travel cleanup kit. During long trips, things can get messy inside vehicles. The experts at Nissan anticipated such issues and created specialized cleanup kits to address them. These kits contain many useful items, and these include deodorizers, sickness bags, and even hand sanitizers.

Backing up the cleanup offerings are Nissan Genuine first-aid kits. These kits include potentially life-saving items such as protective gloves, wound protecting bandages, and even instruction manuals.



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