The Nissan Kicks is a new subcompact SUV that's designed for comfort, style, efficiency, and convenience. This spacious vehicle offers ample cargo space, plenty of room for passengers, and an exciting array of standard features. For drivers who want to customize their rides, the Nissan Kicks can also come with a number of impressive accessories. At Lithia Nissan of Eugene, we're eager to help you explore all that this vehicle has to offer.

Avoid Hit And Run Accidents With An Innovative Impact Sensor

Advanced automotive technologies are making it increasingly easier for drivers to avoid collisions. Some of the best innovations are even designed to alert drivers of accidents that occur while they're away from their cars. For optimum protection and peace of mind, drivers can outfit their Nissan Kicks with a dealer-installed impact sensor. When break-ins or wheel theft are suspected, this system will activate a full alarm. It will also chirp the horn upon detecting any minor impact.

Steer Clear Of Obstructions In Your Blind Spot With A Rear Sonar System

?You can install a rear sonar system in your Nissan Kicks that makes backing up and parallel parking infinitely easier. This technology will issue an audible alert whenever you get too close to an object. The distinctive beeping sound that it emits will speed up as you move closer to any unseen obstruction. To take a test drive in the Nissan Kicks and to learn more about its accessories and features, visit Lithia Nissan of Eugene today.


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