If your vehicle takes a daily pounding during work commutes and errands, having your tires rotated is a must. Tire rotations keep your tires in optimal health, extend your tires' life and gives your ride maximum traction on Eugene roads and beyond.

Back, Forth, Left, Right

Tire rotations just mean that a trained service department tech changes each of your tires from their existing position on your car to another position: back tires to the front or front tires to the back, for example. Some rotations call for tires to swap sides and move from front to back/back to front. Occasionally a side-to-side tire rotation is all that you need.

What Tire Rotations Do You Need?

Our Lithia Nissan of Eugene service department is trained to determine exactly what type of tire rotations your vehicle(s) require. Your tires should undergo routine rotations at least every 5,000 miles or whenever you get your oil changed. Schedule service for your vehicle at our dealership today, and keep your tires in peak health.


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