The more you know about a used vehicle, the better of you will be in making a smart purchasing decision that meets your budget and desired features without sacrificing quality and safety. Whether you are buying from Lithia Nissan of Eugene or somewhere else, the vehicle history report is your best tool to find out critical information about the used vehicle that has caught your eye.

While free vehicle history reports are available, they often contain limited information that will not be of much use. It is best to get a copy of a paid vehicle history report that provides more in-depth information about your vehicle. The paid report will have information on past owners, any potential liens on the car, title history, accident history, odometer readings, rollbacks, and can alert you if the vehicle is a lemon that is best avoided.

Perhaps some of the most useful information found in a VHR is an estimate of value that should be somewhere in the range of what the seller is offering. The VHR can help you determine if a vehicle is overpriced, is unsafe due to accidents or modifications, or is on a lien. This can save you significant money and frustration later on, so it is a good idea to get a copy of a vehicle history report before buying used cars from a dealer or individual


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