A battery alone is not enough to provide electrical power to your vehicle. Besides accessories such as lights, stereos and power windows an electrical charge for spark plugs to ignite internal combustion. A battery can be drained in a matter of minutes without a charging source.

This is where the alternator is vital. The alternator is a form of generator that uses engine revolutions to continuously recharge the battery. A belt is connected from the driveshaft to the alternator which allows is to spin and generate electricity. Wires connect is to the battery to replenish its electrical supply.

If you think you do not have enough electrical power in your vehicle or if a dashboard indicator light is on, bring your vehicle to Lithia Nissan of Eugene for an electrical check. Our service people use the latest electrical testing equipment and can diagnose the problem quickly and easily. Whether a loose belt, a weak battery or a faulty alternator, we can make the repairs at a reasonable rate and put you back on the road in a short time.


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