Our Lithia Nissan of Eugene service department often encourages customers to schedule seasonal checkups to address possible oil changes, tire rotations and battery issues. People often wonder why, especially about batteries. Batteries, even new batters, are apt to work inefficiently or fail entirely in summer and winter. Why? Here's why.

All About Electrolytes

Just like your muscles cramp and shut down when you lack electrolytes, something similar happens to your car battery. It produces electricity when lead and lead dioxide on its interior plates react with sulfuric acid, an electrolyte. The electrolyte then stores the charge for later use. If the electrolyte suffers through exposure to extreme temps, your battery loses its ability to produce a sufficient charge or it dies completely.

Seasons and Car Batteries

High temps in summer tend to evaporate car battery electrolyte solution, whereas winter temps make the electrolyte sluggish and unable to properly store or convey electric charges.

To be on the safe side, schedule a service appointment at our Eugene dealership for pre-season battery maintenance, load testing and an electrolyte check. See you soon.


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