Nissan Rogue vs. Toyota RAV4

Comparing Popular SUVs in Eugene: Nissan Rogue vs. Toyota RAV4

While the SUV class continues to become more competitive, Nissan remains a top competitor in the category, especially when you look at all that the new Nissan Rogue has to offer. From its reliable and dynamic performance to its spacious and feature-filled interior, there's no questioning that this new Nissan SUV will drastically improve your upcoming adventures and commutes around town.

Even though the new Nissan Rogue is highly appealing, we understand the importance of comparing models to solidify your choice. So, to help you narrow down your options, Lithia Nissan of Eugene is highlighting key differences between the new Nissan Rogue and one of its top rivals, the new Toyota RAV4.

Comparing Performance

Having an SUV that you can count on for various driving situations is key to many successful future adventures. Here's how the new Nissan Rogue outperforms the new Toyota RAV4:

  • The new Nissan Rogue does an excellent job of providing ample power, even at lower RPMs. The new Toyota RAV4 requires high RPMs to reach its full power, resulting in a less-engaging driving experience at lower speeds.

  • Another highlight of the Rogue's performance is that its transmission provides quick and precise shifts, ensuring smooth power delivery each time you're pressing down on the gas. The transmission for the new RAV4 struggles to make timely shifts, making for a clunky feel when accelerating.

  • When you encounter a pothole-filled road in the new Rogue, you can count on it to soak up imperfections and keep the ride smooth. The new RAV4 isn't as gracious over rough roads as its suspension struggles to glide over imperfections like this Nissan SUV.

Comparing Interior

Another vital area to compare when searching for your next SUV is the cabin. These are some areas the new Nissan Rogue excels when compared to the new Toyota RAV4:

  • The new Nissan Rogue boasts a classy interior with high-quality materials and ample cushioning throughout the cabin. The new Toyota RAV4 has an attractive interior but showcases many more hard plastics and has no armrest cushioning on the front doors.

  • This new Nissan SUV also does a superb job of keeping road noises out, thanks to the included acoustic glass on the windshield and available acoustic front door windows. Acoustic front door windows aren't offered on the new RAV4.

  • Nissan recently unveiled a major innovation, their Zero Gravity seats, which provide unrivaled comfort and support and come standard in the new Nissan Rogue. Unfortunately, there's no comparable seating option for the new RAV4.

Comparing Tech Features

Infotainment technology and advanced safety features are also crucial factors to consider in your next SUV. Here are some differences in technologies between the new Rogue and the new RAV4:

  • On top of your traditional USB ports, the new Nissan Rogue also comes standard with a Type-C USB port for your devices that require this specific type of USB. The new Toyota RAV4 does not offer Type-C USB ports in its cabin.

  • You can upgrade any new Nissan Rogue model with the available Intelligent Around View Monitor, giving you a clear view of your surroundings. The new RAV4 offers similar technology, but it costs much more and is only available on select trim levels.

  • Both vehicles have several innovative safety features; but, the new Rogue comes standard with Blind-Spot Monitoring, Reverse Automatic Braking, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, each of which does not come standard on the new RAV4.