Brake Repair and Maintenance at Lithia Nissan of Eugene

Feeling a little wary of your brakes in Eugene, Corvallis, Springfield, or Salem OR? Got a little too close to another car's bumper at a red light, or needing to push down a little too hard on that brake pedal to get a response? It might be time to call the Eugene service center to schedule maintenance on your braking system.

Your brakes should never be overlooked when it comes to caring for your car, but it can be easy to forget to pay attention to your brakes at all times. After all, your brakes are the kind of safety feature that you simply always expect to work, until you're snapped back into reality by brakes that suddenly becomes less responsive. Don't find yourself in that situation. Care for your brakes

The key to solid, useful brakes is to have them looked at about every 10,000 miles. The brakes on your new Nissan may have been powerful and sturdy, but depending on your driving environment and tendencies, the brake pads may start to wear thin after 10 or 20K miles have passed. Even if they're fine, it's always good to check, because typically by the time you're noticing the warning signs of brake problems, they have already begun to take their toll.

A few red flags of brake issues include a squealing or grinding noise when you brake (indicating a lack of cushion between the mechanisms), a burning-rubber smell coming from the wheel wells, or a vibrating feeling in the steering wheel (indicating that the pads have worn so thin that metal is rubbing on metal.

If you notice any of the warning signs, then contact Lithia Nissan of Eugene right away, to prevent any or further damage to your vehicle! Our service department will assess the situation, replace with any new parts as necessary, and have the work done quickly.

Don't take a chance on bad breaks. Let the experts get you back on the road safely.

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